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Optima Natura Sp. z o.o.

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Our company, Optima Natura Ltd is a company whose mission is to help women and men of all ages discover essential oils and their properties. A company, which offers 100% natural pharmacy grade essential oils and ready made solutions for consumers who should have them in their medicine cabinet and bathroom. A company which dedicates its efforts to everyone who cares about their wellbeing and is interested to improve it. A company that is distinctive because of its commitment to creating unique product solutions for its shoppers consumers. A company that offers line pricing and a super efficient line up with core range of ‘best sellers’, hero sub ranges ( Four Thieves Oils & N Active Oil) and ‘economy’ packs, making shopping easy.

Organization Type Producer
Organization Size1-10
CityGródki, Gródki 52B, 13-206 Gródki Google map
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    Business offer

    We offer 100% natural pharmacy grade essential oils and ready made solutions

    1. Four Thieves Oils 2 skus - Oil 20ml & Fragrance Mist 50ml
    2. N Active Oils 4 skus
    Energy 20ml & Concentration 20ml
    Calmness 20ml & Sleep 20ml
    3. Best Sellers Core Oils 4 skus - Tea Tree, Eucalyptus. Lavender & Pine (all 10ml)
    4. Economy / Value Sets 3 skus
    - Health : Eucalyptus 10ml / 4 Thieves Oil 10ml / Lavender 10ml
    - Love : ‘ Ylang Ylang 10ml / 4 Thieves Oil 10ml / Bergamot 10ml
    -Luck : Cinnamon 10ml / 4 Thieves Oil 10ml / Orange 10ml

    Cmplimentary range:
    1. Optima Natura
    Bath Salts 4 skus (1kg
    - Calm / Immunity / Care / Regeneration
    2. Optima Natura Specialist (4 skus
    - Sweet Almond Oil / Grape Seed Oil 400ml
    - Argan Oil / Macadamia Oil (50ml)
    3. Oils Therapy 4 skus
    - Protective Emulsion
    - Foot Deodorizing Spray
    - Smoothing for Scars / Stretch Marks
    - Tatoo Care Oil
    4. Limited Editions
    eg Winter set, Mosquito Edition

    Cooperation Offered
    1. Commercial agreement