Krzysztof Kisielewski

GICOR - Cast Iron Foundry

Bilateral Meetings

  • (2 p.m - 5 p.m.)

Gicor is a Family business that consists of two companies - cast iron foundry and processing department. We are a producer of high-quality cast iron products. Our business was set up in 1973. We have great expertise and experience in cast iron products that we produce 100% in north-eastern Poland!

Organization Type Producer
Organization Size1-10
CityGołdap, Gumbinska 15 Google map
Areas of Activities

Wood processing and furniture production

    Metal processing

      Metal, machinery and manufacturing

        Business offer

        Production of cast iron elements

        We offer manufacturing of cast iron components/products for business. With our machine park and crew of over 90 people We can make products from idea-3D models - prototyping - mass production - packaging - spedition.

        Cooperation Offered
        1. Commercial agreement
        2. Outsourcing agreement