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Bilateral Meetings

  • (2 p.m - 5 p.m.)
DescriptionAt Itzu Jobs Polska, we care for satisfied employees and we provide them with permanent employment. Employees, customers and partners are most important to us, and their sense of comfort is the most important. Customer service is our absolute priority. We are always one step further, creating the perfect match up between our client and the service we provide. We care for satisfied employees and companies, we provide them with permanent employment. No challenge is too big for our employees to play open cards. Always at the forefront of the needs and wishes of our employees and customers. Your guarantee? Individual approach and quality always go hand in hand with our dynamics and experience. We specialize in recruiting specialized people: welders, plumbers, automation engineers, electricians, carpenters and people who specialize in various construction works.
Organization Type Service Provider
CityOlsztyn, Wyszyńskiego 1 Google map
Areas of Activities

Agricultural and food processing

    Wood processing and furniture production

      Metal processing

        Construction and joinery

          Metal, machinery and manufacturing

            IT, ICT


              Permanent recruitment

              We are a company from Olsztyn, our office is located in CEZAL Business Center at Wyszyńskiego 1. Our database of candidates is constantly growing. We recruit middle and high-level employees, but as experience shows, our clients often commission us to search for "blue collars" and we are also effective in this task. We deal with permanent recruitment locally for our clients, we are mainly looking for specialists with experience and technical knowledge. Currently, we also successfully cooperate with Denmark and Norway, where we are looking for specialists with experience in welding and construction workers. We want to expand our activities and enable our Candidates to have a variety of job offers.

              I encourage you to contact us and cooperate.