Dariusz Wydryszek


Bilateral Meetings

  • (2 p.m - 5 p.m.)
DescriptionFor over four years already delivering our self designed and made LED lamps for kids and not only, adapted to our lamp designs made mostly of plywood and 3D printed LED base. That's our the most proud of product in our portfolio but we also produce many custom engraved and cut product not even listed on our page.
Organization Type Producer
CityEłk, ul. gen. Grota-Roweckiego 8/1 Google map
Areas of Activities

Wood processing and furniture production

    Business offer

    Manufacturer of products made of plywood (mostly). LED lamps for kids, interior design accessories.

    We offer our manufacturing capabilities on industrial grade CO2 laser cutter.
    We produce and deliver goods in retail to Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Slovakia and Czech Republic.
    We work with a major home decor brand from Slovakia and supply our LED lamps for kids and plywood decorations in wholesale quantities, and to several smaller companies in Poland and Slovakia.
    We handle difficult tasks and offer our support and expertise in designing attractive products.
    We also use FDM and SLA printing for prototyping and delivering spare parts for cars and for repairing home appliances.